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Agility and the readiness to transform are key to sustainable success in the 21st century. Since 2001, The Center for Context has been helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve the changes that drive lasting results. We have worked with Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial ventures, non-profit and educational institutions around the world and across a variety of industries and disciplines to successfully solve culture, organization and strategy challenges.

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Companies, leaders and individuals need a comprehensive, systematic approach to implementing change that focuses on the components that matter most for sustainable success. Our services provide that approach.

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Achieve the best possible you, in any role, through disciplined, proven coaching practices.
Example result: Transformed a skilled but self-focused surgeon into a powerful and engaging leader of a 3000 person organization.

Organizational Change Management

Drive alignment and commitment to your organizational transformation through agile, engaging and rapid change strategies and methods.
Example result: Transformed Pharmaceutical Drug Development process and drove cross-functional collaboration and key stakeholder alignment resulting in a 28 percent improvement in product development cycle time

Team Development

Create high performance teaming and collaboration through research based, practical team development interventions and exercises.
Example result: Chartered and launched 50 Drug Development and Commercialization teams and accelerating achievement of team goals by an average of 30%.

Organization Structure Design

Develop the structure that optimizes your organizations capability and capacity to achieve your strategy.
Example result: Created operating model, designed key business processes and restructured global operations of 10,000 employees reducing costs by greater than $50 million. Created new Strategic Sourcing organization, built upon a new competency model resulting in achieving the elimination of $200 million in annual spending.

Process Excellence

Eliminate waste, accelerate productivity and enhance quality through scientific and artful process reengineering.
Example result: Created a culture of supply chain excellence and increased employee productivity by 63 percent.


Build the ability to thrive and succeed in times of uncertainty, change and disruption through resilience training and interventions.
Example result: Increased change leadership and resilience skills in 5,000 employees.

We believe our clients’ unique context matters and success depends upon finding the right solutions that fit the environment, vision and culture of that client.

About Us

We work in partnership with our clients to challenge their status quo, recognize their strengths and bring tools and techniques that drive transformation that creates lasting advantage. The people of the Center for Context have deep expertise in Organizational Change Management, Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Resilience. Our people bring experience from large consulting firms, leading global corporations, entrepreneurial ventures and educational institutions. Our purpose is to help you achieve your full potential and we know that our success is dependent upon our ability to make our clients successful.

We partner with Insights Learning and Development and Experience Point to bring state of the art style assessments and change leadership simulations to our clients.

R. David Pettit
& President

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